Sunday Schedule


We are delighted to host ministry in four languages.

Here is the Sunday Schedule of services.

8:45am    Chinese Worship with Greater Madison Chinese EFC  

9:00am    Classes for Kids and Adults

10:30am  English Worship in Sanctuary

10:30am  Lao Worship in Chapel

2:00pm    Spanish Worship with Nueva Vida

6:00pm  English Worship

June 17, Father’s Day

LakeviewSunday, June 17th is Father’s Day and the English Fellowship is joining the Lao Fellowship at Lake View Park in Middleton. (Directions below)  We will be at the largest pavilion.  There will be fun at the park, which has a splash park for the kids, games, food and a time to meet together for worship.  The park is rented from 9am into the evening.  Bring food to share, water, and a chair if you like.

Worship time will be around 10:30am.     Join us!

lakeview splash

  • Lake View Park – 6300 Mendota, Middleton, WI.
  • Directions are here – MAP FATHERS DAY

February Highlights

OneFaith.logoA New Sermon Series begins this month and continues into May.  This is based on the Apostles Creed, a summary statement of Christian believe that developed in the 2nd Century.  It is widely accepted by Christians as a true summary of the Scriptures.  This will help us use the Creed as a summary to remind ourselves what we believe.  It is a kind of Elevator Speech which briefly answers the question for non believers of what we are about.




Be Weather Aware – we will contact the prayer chain, and post on Facebook and this website if we cancel services for the weather.  We make the decision on the best information we have.  Always make your own choice to remains safe.




Sunday Schedule

8:45 am Worship with Greater Madison Chinese EFC (Upstairs)

9:00am Classes for all ages

10:30am Lao Worship in Chapel

10:30am Englsih Worship in Sanctuary

2:00pm  Iglesia Nueva Vida  (Spanish)

6:00pm Evening Study and Prayer in Chapel

Sunday, February 5

This is our first Lao English service of the year. (last month we had a four language service on New Years Day)  There are no divisions in Heaven, so we should try to keep them from dividing us on Earth.

8:45  am Greater Madison Chinese EFC

9:00  am Classes for Adults and Kids

10:30 am Lao English United Communion Service


2:00 pm Iglesia Nueva Vida

6:00 pm Prayer Service

Sunday, January 29



Here is the Sunday Schedule for Bethany Ministry Center






8:45 am Greater Madison Chinese EFC (Sanctuary)

9:00 am Classes for all Ages (Fellowship Hall and Annex)

10:30am Lao Fellowship (Chapel)

10:30am English Worship (Sanctuary)

  • “Tested” Genesis 4, John 4

Noon: Annual Meeting and Potluck for Bethany Church

2:00 pm Iglesia Nueva Vida