Christmas Day – Sunday


This year Christmas Day is a Sunday.

Please join us for a time of song and story telling at 10:30!

8:45  am Greater Madison Chinese EFC

10:30 am “The Christmas Scene Revisited”

  • English and Lao services together.
  • Kids are in the Service – no Children’s Church
  • Potluck lunch afterward, all are welcome.

2:00 pm Iglesia Nueva Vida (New Life Church)

English Service Cancelled -December 18

Due to these conditions, we have cancelled the ENGLISH service, Sunday School and Children’s Church for December 18.

  • 10 inches of fresh snow ending Saturday evening
  • roads still being cleared (Madison will only do main roads until storm is done.)
  • temperatures of -6 
  • High winds making for wind chills of -30 and low visibility.
  • Slippery roads because they can not tread the roads with salt when it is this cold.

If you attend Greater Madison Chinese EFC, Lao Evangelical Fellowship or Iglesia Nueva Vida, contact your leaders. Each fellowship makes its own decision.


Christmas and New Years


This year, Christmas Day and New Years Day are on Sundays.

Sunday, December 25, Christmas Day

  • 8:45 am Chinese Worship Service
  • 10:30 am Christmas Program (English/Lao)
    • A program with Bethany Kids past and present and Songs
    • No Sunday School and No Children’s Church
    • Noon Potluck sponsored by Lao Fellowship, all are welcome.
  • 2:00 pm Iglesia Neuva Vida

Sunday, January 1, New Years Day

  • United Worship Service of Chinese, English, Lao and Spanish Fellowships
  • 10:30 am in the Sanctuary
  • Music, Prayer, Communion
  • Pot Luck Supper

Sunday, November 6

(Remember to move your clock backward Saturday evening.)

8:45 am Greater Madison Chinese EFC

9:00 am There is a Class for you: come and learn!

10:30 am English and Lao United Service

  • “Forgive us our Debts”
  • erase

2:00 pm Iglesia Nueva Vida

6:00 pm Prayer for our Nation: we do not endorse, but we do pray for our nation, the election, the Churches in our community and our common mission- Rom Chapel.