Multi-Ministry Center



Here is part of a working document where we are exploring how Bethany English, Bethany Lao, Nueva Vida and Greater Madison Chinese EFC can work more in partnership as we go forward.  We are currently on Phase I and starting to develop Phase II.

Phase 1 – Cooperation

Simply track shared expenses and manage facility usage with no real partnership:

  • Centralized Calendar
  • Partnership Team meetings to coordinate
  • Monitor how it is going with conversations.

Phase 2 – Shared Ministry

  • All of Plan 1 and,
  • Establish a Ministry Center Team  to study and form a cooperative plan, vision, facility needs and organizational structure.
  • Look for 2nd Generation Team to start to envision what ministry to 2nd Generation Bethany could be.
  • Develop CE Team with shared participation for Sunday School, Children’s Church, Bethany Bible Club and Youth Group.
  • Establish a shared Facility budget: building costs and shared pastoral staff.
  • All of the facility budget would go through Bethany’s budget with contributions from partnering ministries.

Phase 3 – Reorganize as Ministry Center

  • After working through Phase 1 and 2, develop through a change in bylaws how partner ministries can work together.
  • This means that Bethany would turn over ownership to Bethany as a Ministry Center.  We would share ministry and facility opportunities and obligations.
  • Re-evaluate long-term facility needs: Church Sign; Sanctuary carpet and chairs; Annex Roof and Windows; Window A/C units in Annex, Name of Ministry Center.

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