Help Wanted


People: You could help us by joining in our worship and another service activity in the church. Suppose you feel well fed but have nowhere to serve, we’d love to have you join us, even if you can only join us for a year or two.

Musicians: We’d like to diversify our music. Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? Are you part of a group?  Give Pastor Dave a call.  We like our music to be varied in style, worshipful in tone, biblical in content and participatory.

Internship:  If you are in a program at a local university or college where you need to intern, contact us.  Pastor Dave has had experience working with interns.  If there is a need for a salary, we can explore a model that involves fund raising through the church.

Staff:  We are looking for a person to lead the 2nd Generation – a ministry that could range across our four language ministries with the children of immigrants who work and worship in English.  This could be an intern, a part time or bi-vocational staff position or a salaried position with the staff member responsible for raising part of the salary.

The Arts: we live in an artistic community. We’d love to have you show your work in our church. We might hang art in the Sanctuary. We could participate in Gallery Night which occurs every spring and fall in Madison.

Building and Grounds: do you know how to fix things, paint, clean, plant, weed, trim, repair?  There are no end of opportunities.

  • call the church office at 608 244 3656 or
  • email