Sunday, May 31

Bethany English Fellowship is reopening this Sunday, May 31.

We will open the door at 10:30am, so do not come early.

Check the Facebook video “Stone Soup” for what you can share.

Pastor Dave will start a new sermon series entitled “On the Other Side”



  • Practice 6 feet of physical distancing
  • Wear a face-mask to and from church, if possible
  • Do not arrive before 10:30 am




Worship and Psalms


Hi, for as long as the Wisconsin and Dane County Departments of health issue the order, we will not have any services at the church.  However you can keep up in these ways:

Worship: We are broadcasting live Worship services at 10:30 am on Sundays at our Facebook Page

Psalm a Day: Pastor Dave is also broadcasting a Psalm a Day on Monday through Saturday at noon, also on Facebook.

Facebook Link

Email: Pastor Dave is also sending a weekly email to all those whose email address we have. If you want to get these, call, email or text Pastor Dave or the Church.



Sunday, March 15 Update

Here is the update for  Sunday March 15 and the following few weeks.
  • Bethany English will meet today, March 15. However, if you are in one of the risk categories (older, showing symptoms or recent travel to states or countries effected by coronavirus) please stay home
  • We will practice social distancing: no food, no coffee, no hugging and handshaking. We will put the offering plate in the rear so we do not pass the virus with the plate.
  • Midweek meetings will be cancelled for March.  So that includes Seniors, White Cross, etc
  • AWANA is cancelled at least until April 8. This follows after Wisconsin closing schools.  We will re-evaluate before April 8 to see about the rest of the schedule. If students have books or verses to complete, we can try to work with them over the phone.
  • Nueva Vida is meeting online.
  • Lao Fellowship is meeting on line – (contact Sol or Patty)
  • GMCEFC – The Chinese fellowship is meeting today
  • We will activate the prayer chain, and post on FACEBOOK and the WEBSITE for communications.
  • Remember that you can call to check in on your friends and to see if everyone is OK.  
  • The Memorial Service for Gale Ewald will be on Thursday at 1pm, but no luncheon will be provided.
Pastor Dave for the Leadership Board

February 2020


The Kingdom of God is a new sermons series that will be presented both at Bethany and at Nueva Vida from February through March




The Annual Members Meeting was rescheduled to February 2 right after the morning Worship Service.




2nd Generation meets on Wednesdays, February 5 and 19 this month.  This  is for all who want to meet together for worship and study from our four language ministries.

The target age is High School through young adults.